Thank You from The Egg Skelter team

Kitchen egg storage

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers far and wide.

We have now taken the difficult decision to close the business.

When starting out in 2008 we hand-made 100 of them to sell (to “share the joy”) and we sold out in three days!! Since then we have made and sold many thousands of Egg Skelters all over the world. We then added a new addition to the brand, which we called Fruit Skelter, a great way to display your fruit and keep those bananas from rubbing up against your green apples... no more bruising and fresher fruit!!


Some of our customer reviews

This gift for my son’s new suburban back garden ‘chicken ranch’, it solved a modern problem and met all eggspectations, a quality product and countertop attraction

This egg skelter is exactly what I had expected and the best way that I have come across for storing eggs so far. There is also one for bantam eggs which is good

stylish and well-made and it doesn’t take up to much room plus keeps eggs out of fridge, well worth money and really appreciated present